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Make Chasing Clients a Thing of the Past

Dramatically Increase Your Income Level by Magnifying Your Credibility and Expertise


   The key to attaining financial success in any small business is getting clients to know who you are and what you can do for them.  To build your client base, you need to put your business in the spotlight. Having your business in the forefront will dramaticaly change your income status to a much higher level. Building financial success is created by showing you are an expert in your field.

     A powerful way to show you are an expert is by having a strong and effective marketing tool.

    One such tool is writing either a traditional book or its digital version, the ebook. 

     Why write a book?

     Writing a book will:

Instantly boost your credibility
Create a new profit center
Expand your network and database
Give you permission to raise your fees
Magnify your income potential

           Writing a book is the surest way to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Authors are instantly considered experts.

           However, writing a book can be intimidating and do you start...what format do you do you publish?

            I can help you with Ghostwriting your book or Proofreading Your Copy before it goes to the Publisher.

           As Your Partner in Professional Written Communications, I will team up with you to help you achieve your goals and boost the power of your expert credentials.

    I can also help you get published quickly and inexpensively through:


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       To Your Success...

         Jo Ann Dearden